Fat Llama in the News

The 10 Best Apps To Help You Live More Sustainably

“Millennials rent everything in their lives – should we all follow suit?”

“I’ve made £1,600 renting out a pair of PA speakers in the past year and that’s just one of about 200 items.

Man proposes to girlfriend with £7,000 ring he borrowed from stranger

“We’re beginning to see a change in consumer behaviour towards access instead of ownership.”

12 easy ways to make money in 2019

“If you are worried about upsetting family members by reselling gifts, keep them and rent them out.”

Fat Llama is a little like Airbnb, except for spare, expensive stuff you might have lying around.”

“Fat Llama not only makes our lives easier, but offers us a more sustainable way to live.”

“James Norbury, 27, earns an average of £1449 a month by renting his VW camper van.”

“Fat Llama appeals to millennials who are much more environmentally aware than older generations.”

Home goods rental site raises $10m months after launches in the US

“[Antonio] has been able to buy his mother a £30,000 flat in Macedonia with the proceeds of this flourishing sideline business.”

“Are you seeing what I’m seeing here? Yes: owning things is so 20th century.”

“Fat Lama, the startup that offers a fully insured peer-to-peer rental marketplace for almost anything, is getting a little fatter.”

“Dallas is focused on Fat Lama’s U.S. expansion plan which will see its team grow to around 60 by the end of the year.”

“Fat Lama taps a broader tech trend that has seen marketplaces skyrocket across countless industries.”

“Emmanuel Ibitomisin told the Standard he now makes more money from renting camera equipment on Fat lama than his day job.”

“Kara Oliver, 29, from Bromley, paid £26 to rent a Hermes Birkin bag for 24 hours with Fat Lama for a work awards ceremony.”

“According to the startup, some lenders on the platforms are earning up to $10,000 a month in income. The company insures rental for up to $30,000.”

“The platform wants to let you do things you otherwise wouldn’t, because it may be impractical to buy an expensive physical good if you only need to use it once.”

“The appeal to a variety of communities, from creative artists to parents with extra baby equipment to spare, has helped the company grows its item listings to over 25,000 in the last year.”

“Businesses and asset-rich individuals are already making money by hiring out their belongings”

“Consumers are now finding that they can earn significantly more by hiring out belongings.”

“Millennials are, of course, leading the way in the own-nothing lifestyle shift, and businesses and asset-rich individuals are already making money by hiring out their belongings.”

“Self-employed DJs, graphic artists, photographers and film-makers are adding an extra revenue stream by hiring out their equipment.”

“Fat Lama is a service which lets people earn extra cash by renting out their gear when they’re not using it.”

“Fat Lama said its new map also reflects how soaring house prices in these areas have drained them of creative talent.”

“We live in a world where we’re forced to make large, permanent purchases driven by fleetingly transient needs – Fat Lama changes that.”

“The Fat Lama platform connects rentiers with renters to hire things from bricks to drones and audio equipment.”

“How does one gain access to the best gear available, cheaply, and easily? Fat Lama is a company based in the U.K. that may just have the answer.”

“Usman Dawood said he and his wife now primarily rent out their own equipment, resulting in a 25 to 30 percent increase in their household income.”