What are we working on?

Earlier today, we announced some changes to our Fat Llama fee structure, which has come as a necessity for the company at our current stage and circumstances. Here, we take a look at the more exciting side to this time at Fat Llama — the accompanying product updates!

So what have we been working on, and what can you expect to see soon?

  • Changes to your profile, particularly for lenders, making your items more discoverable and easy to browse.
  • Important bug fixes, such as reliable notification alerts.
  • Rebuilt parts of our messaging service.
  • Improvements to search to make finding the right items easier.
  • Changes in the “My Activity” section to always show you the most relevant transactions.
  • Major UX changes  to improve the experience and speed up the app – check out the screen shots below to see what these are looking like!
  • And — importantly — more opportunities for long-term rentals and rent-to-buy as we are currently launching with our partner, Flex.


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