5 Rentals to keep Young Llamas Active

Fun Fact: Baby Llamas are called Crias.

This one goes out to all the superhero llama parents out there doubling up as teachers, carers, pirates, adventurers, cooks and magicians for Lockdown. While we all struggle with Lockdown in different ways, we know how confusing a time like this is for our younger herd members. Here are our top rental recommendations to keep your Crias learning and adventuring from home.

3/4 Guitars

A child’s acoustic guitar - 1

Average Daily Rental Price: £15

Top Tip: 3/4 guitars are the perfect sized starter guitar for junior aspiring-musicians. We can also recommend starting with a nylon stringed guitar, which are softer strings and achieve a great classical sound for beginners.

Similar Rentals: Keyboards, ukuleles and violins also available in junior sizes.

Wiggle Cars

3 X Wiggles Cars - 1

Average Daily Rental Price: £25 (for 3!)

Top Tip: Check out our rental toys and activities that come in sets so that your crias can play together while you work (or take a well deserved break!). With these wiggle cars we recommend planned hallway and garden races for a family funday!

Similar Rentals: Children’s bikes, scooters and rollerskates for your daily exercise too!

Prams and Pushchairs

double buggy Baby Jogger City Select LUX Tandem Stroller - 3

Average Daily Price: £10

Top Tip: We have a wide range of pushchair rentals available, including city jogger prams and double or triple prams! Have a look through to find your perfect fit for your lockdown-friendly exercise hour.

Similar Rentals: Car and Feeding Bumper seats

Giant Connect Four

Giant Connect 4 - 1

Average Daily Price: £5

Top Tip: Giant educational games that are great for outdoors as well as indoor rainy days. May result in very extreme competitions which end in a bang!

Similar Rentals: Board games and soft ball pits

Bouncy Castle

Bouncy castles - 1

Average Daily Price: £80

Top Tip: Having a birthday in lockdown doesn’t need to mean not celebrating! Nothing quite says birthday fun like a surprise bouncy castle in the garden, and having it just for the family means more bouncing time for your exclusive party.

Similar Rentals: swings and bubble machines


We’re advising extra precautions with rentals to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our users, including non-contact handovers, extra sanitisation and taking advantage of contactless delivery.  https://intercom.help/fat-llama/en/articles/3812283-covid-19-policies-and-updates

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