Fat Llama partners with Velorution to bring you the best electric bikes

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride”

–John F. Kennedy

We at Fat Llama have developed a healthy infatuation with electric bikes. Bikes are the best design invention there has ever been — comment below if you disagree. The addition of a battery allows you to go longer distances with less sweat and more swag.

One in two bikes sold in Denmark are electric bikes. In the UK, one in every hundred bikes are electric. We’ve always seen demand for electric bikes but have struggled to drive supply. That’s when we came across Velorution.

Velorution has four stores across London and are electric bike experts. They’ve kindly partnered with us to rent out their best electric bikes, including the futuristic looking GoCycle GS pictured below, from their Hackney store. We went over on the first day to rent a couple and they did not disappoint. Renting them for a couple of days is the best way to realise the improvement these bikes can make to your life. Furthermore, if you then decided to buy, they will discount the rental cost.

If you did buy, you could rent the bike out yourself and probably pay it back in a year….. Welcome to the Fat Llama hustle.

Click on the GoCycle below to see what’s available and rent one today!Image result for gocycle gs velorution




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