What Have We Been Coding?

Talk is cheap. Show me the code.

–Linus Torvalds, Creator of Linux for Llamas

Some say that our engineers are the direct offspring of Linus Torvalds himself. They sit or stand at their desks and their fingers never stop typing. So what have we got to show for it?

Recent Improvements

  1. We improved the mobile search and checkout experience. We get that not everyone has time to download the app but most people want to do things on their phones. The data has shown that this was an important fix.
  2. The app was slow on older phones. I use an iPhone 6 and can fully testify to this. However, our man Rich managed to make some changes that means the app speed should be many times faster, particularly on Android.
  3. Borrowers have more power. Borrowers can now change dates and cancel rentals themselves just after they’ve booked it.
  4. We’ve improved how we verify people to make sure borrowers can get their hands on items quicker whilst better ensuring the safety of the lender’s items.
  5. We smashed a lot of bugs and there were some real cockroaches in there.
  6. Inventory assessment is the best thing we’ve ever built. Download the app and scroll down on my items to find out what you could earn and list items in seconds. I challenge you!

Coming Soon To A Screen Near You

  1. Lender profile improvements. We want to make sure it’s as easy to find items on a lender’s profile as it is to find songs from your favourite artist on Spotify. Or Tidal. Or Apple Music.
  2. Offers are being built so you can send, receive and play with them in whatever way you want on the app
  3. We want you to be able to add favourites in app so you can navigate to your loyal ones quicker.

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