Electric Scooters Soon To Be Legal

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. 

-Mahatama Gandhi (former Llama Chief)

We talk about a lot of things here at Fat Llama. The changing weather, the best burritos, the best falafel wraps and why is Satay Street’s tofu dish so addictive?

One topic that never fails to crop up in our daily natter is the wondrous electric scooter. We’re obsessed with the little critters. Sweat-less commutes, sustainable travel, silent engines and serious style–what’s not to love? We’ve even seen the legendary Digdat rent a load of electric scooters for a recent music video. Check it out below:

The only issue is that they are currently illegal on UK roads due to a law that is over 180 years old. Who knew roads even existed back then? The government ignored the pleas and cries from the sensible llamas who realised what a good idea they are. There were even rumours that they then tried to push back against them by cracking down on their sales. Gandhi foresaw all of this happening.

However, now that Brexit has been solved after three years, the government has finally turned their attention to the most pressing matter facing the recently slightly more sovereign nation that is the UK. How best to legalise the electric scooter?

Consultations will be happening next month, with tests to occur soon after. Fingers crossed this will be a quicker matter than Brexit and they might be fully legal by the summer time. Either way, there are already lots of electric scooters available to rent on Fat Llama, from the powerful Inokim Ox to the popular Xiaomi M365.

Why not rent one today to do laps of your kitchen or roam around your many acres of private land?

Rent an electric scooter today!

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