4 Rental Ideas for Fat Llama Fashionistas

A Fat Llama, as a concept, may be far from anyone’s first image of “high fashion.”

However, on the Fat Llama platform, we have seen kit rented out for some some very glamorous purposes. From kit used in JW Anderson and Alexander McQueen shoots, to Fat Llama users running their own eco-friendly and upcycled fashion lines, to various rented items ending up in the hands of a-list celebs like Chris Hemsworth and Serena Williams, we have learned that we may need to give our dear Larry Llama a bit more credit to his penchant for the fashionable.

With New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks all just behind us, we thought we’d share just a few of our favourite ideas for making any week your own fashion week with the help of Fat Llama.

So, here are our Top 4 rental ideas for all you Fat Llama fashionistas out there. 

  1. Rent a photo studio and camera. 

The power of peer-to-peer renting means that everyone can have access to professional equipment, no matter the stage of your career. If fashion is your passion and photography your calling, you’re only a few clicks away from getting your dream portfolio going, and pursuing that passion professionally. 

With photography backdrops from less than £20/day, or whole studios for less than £100, and any camera, lights, and accessories imaginable listed throughout the US and UK, taking that first step has never been more possible. 

2.  Rent a photographer

Users lending out their camera equipment on Fat Llama tend to be photographers and videographers in their own right, and a handful of them rent out their photography services along with their equipment!

If you’d rather be in front of the camera than behind it, who better to book a session with than a talented professional from within the Fat Llama community? While the fashion industry may favour a certain look, we believe that everybody — and every body — is fashionable and fabulous. So go out there and slay, you model, you.

3. Rent a high fashion wardrobe

If you’re stepping into the spotlight, why not go all the way and rent the wardrobe to complete the effect? 

While cameras and equipment are some of the most popular categories on Fat Llama, we truly are a platform for renting “almost anything” — and this includes gowns and suits, jewellery, bags, shoes and more. Dress envy can get serious after a whole month of fashion weeks and award show extravagance. Let’s face it, a rental is the only way many of us will ever get to dress in head-to-toe Prada. 

Not to mention, borrowing instead of buying into fast fashion trends is significantly better for the environment. So it’s really a win all around. 

4. Rent lights and speakers for a runway show

Is it just me, or did every school in every teen show get to put on a fashion show as some kind of fundraiser event, while real life never delivered on that promise? 

With stage platforms, lights, and sound equipment all available on Fat Llama, you have the power to make that fashion show happen all on your own. All that’s left for you to do is bring in the audience and strut your stuff. Use the opportunity simply to live out your fashion week fantasies, or put together a whole fashion show fundraiser for your favourite charity. What’s better than doing something good and looking amazing while you do it?

Sound good to you? CLICK HERE to rent your first item today!

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