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From busking to protesting, house party jams to wedding party toasts, we all need to make a little noise sometimes. But when the party is over or the presentation is done, speakers and mics that make these moments possible get pushed to the back of the closet to gather dust (and hog way too much space that could otherwise be allocated to shoes). 

Because we all sometimes need a speaker, but few of us need a speaker all the time, we’ve found them to be ideal rental items to list on Fat Llama.

Expanding on last year’s blog series on popular rental items, we at Fat Llama have done some digging into our rental data to find the speakers and PA systems generating the best returns for our lenders in the past year. 

So if you’re looking to make a bit of noise in your own life, or just looking for a starter investment to rent out on Fat Llama and combat your carbon footprint, check out these three superstar speakers our borrowers are loving. 


Mackie Thump 15A (Pair)


Purchase Price: £569

Average Rental Price: £50/day

Percentage of Total Cost: 8.8%

Days to Cover Cost (after fees): 13


At 1000w each, these 15” speakers are by far the most powerful setup on our list. Suited for crowds of up to 500 people, the Mackie Thump 15A pair is the ideal choice for borrowers DJing a club night or playing a serious gig. As their name suggests, Thump speakers are made to generate the kind of sound you can not only hear but feel, and to get crowds up and dancing. Using Mackie’s dynamic bass response technology, these speakers deliver professional depth and quality of sound, with surprising portability and affordability.


JBL EON 208P Mobile PA System


Purchase Price: £549

Average Rental Price: £45/day

Percentage of Total Cost: 8.2%

Days to Cover Cost (after fees): 15


While close to the price point of the much more powerful Mackie Thump setup, the huge advantage of the JBL EON system is in its size and portability. Consisting of two 8” 300w speakers and a separate professional 8-channel mixer, the kit all clicks together into a single suitcase-like configuration that your borrowers can collect and take with them, even on public transport — which means no delivery necessary on your part. Ideal for meetings and events, open mic nights or house parties, the kit comes with a wired microphone and is also Bluetooth capable for seamless connecting and streaming from a phone or computer.


QX QR15 PA System


Purchase Price: £169

Average Rental Price: £30/day

Percentage of Total Cost: 17.6%

Days to Cover Cost (after fees): 7



This wheeled single-speaker setup doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the JBL or the power of the Mackie, but at a much lower purchase price, it can be rented out at a significantly lower daily rate and still generate an impressive return on investment. While not Bluetooth capable, it does have USB ports for connecting to a laptop and comes with 2 wireless microphones. When it comes to busking, making a presentation or hosting small garden party, a lot of users don’t need something more powerful or complex than the (still high quality!) QR15 system, which pays for itself in just 1 week of rentals.  


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And while you’re at it, why not pair one of these speaker setups with an HD projector for an ultimate movie night bundled listing? 

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N.B. Figures are based on our sample data set and do not guarantee a set income to any lender on the platform.


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