Meet Erika, Software Engineer

What did you last rent on Fat Llama?

I rented a Nintendo Snes mini classic, a smoke machine, and candy floss machine – all for an office party.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on a big overhaul of our search functionality. I just shipped some changes to the autosuggestions that appear when you type in the search box. We’re planning on reskinning search completely, with a cool new design and better user experience, so that users can get the most relevant results as fast as possible.

How did you get into software development?

I was really into neuroscience and artificial intelligence at university, and at the time nothing seemed more exciting than the tech industry. I fell in love with software development and never looked back.

What’s your experience of being a woman in tech?

Like most people who represent minorities in tech, I’ve seen the two faces of the industry. Microaggressions, feeling undervalued, systemic or explicit discrimination in the workplace are all common experiences.

However, I recognise I’ve been relatively lucky. At Fat Llama, I’m continually touched by how supportive the team is and that my coworkers care deeply about keeping the culture inclusive. To top that, our recently formed Diversity & Inclusion taskforce is gaining momentum and I believe we will make great strides.

What’s the best thing about working at Fat Llama?

That I’m surrounded by impressive, encouraging and kind people.

What does your average day look like?

Coding, scoping, maybe meeting with one of the designers, maybe one of our ‘chapter’ meetings (to talk about the state of web, infrastructure, mobile…), maybe an interview.

Engineers at Fat Llama are expected to be involved in all aspects of product development and have full end to end ownership of the features they build. This fosters a love for the product and pushes us to grow into well rounded engineers.

What do you do outside of work?

I like to read, climb and eat!

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