Meet Asha, Customer Experience Associate

What do you do at Fat Llama?

I’m part of the Customer Experience team – a strong group of people who want to help everyone using the platform.

We’re often the first people our users speak to when making a rental or reporting an issue with the website/their accounts or with a rental. Internally, we’re the voice of the herd, too – we share users’ feedback – positive and negative – with the rest of the team, to make the platform better.

What were you doing before you joined?

Before Fat Llama, I was on maternity leave from a home security company. My role there was also very much customer service based. The company was over 100 years old and a family company.

“I wanted to work with a young company, with new ideas and also new challenges.”

What made you want to dive into a new industry right after having a baby?

Although I enjoyed the work in my previous role, I wanted a change in the industry and also in the team. Being 100 years old, the company wasn’t looking to make any changes to how they did things. Everything was very outdated. I wanted to work with a young company, with new ideas and also new challenges. After having my son I thought there was no way I was gong back to that, not only because it was a full time role, but also because I owed it to myself to look for something I would enjoy. What better time to make changes, when the biggest change in my life had just happened?

How do you balance being a mum with working for a startup?

It’s like they say: it takes a village! I started working part-time evenings so me and my child’s father meet half way to swap baby, I go to work and he takes him home. The team has been so supportive with making sure that they keep my working days consistent.

“What I appreciate the most is that I can still have a career and not sacrifice my time with my baby.”

With a new baby you really want a routine and consistency. What I do appreciate the most is that I can still have a career and not sacrifice my time with my baby. I was actually talking to another new mummy who works in a start up. We both feel this is where its at!

Do you have any advice for new working parents?

Find the schedule that works for you! You do not need to sacrifice your career or time with your child. The amazing thing about working for a start up is that there is flexibility and different opportunities. For me, Fat Llama has the evening shift which works for me. Some startups may offer the opportunity to work from home a few days in the week, too.

What does your average day look like?

As a Customer Experience Associate, my role is focused on providing the best customer service we can on the platform. A high number of Fat Llama users come through to us through Live Chat. I guess this is because its super easy and convenient to talk to someone while your on the website. We also want to make sure customers know that we are available to talk on the phone Monday to Sunday, 8am- 11pm UK time.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I love talking to people and getting to meet some of the talented individuals using the website. I’ve played a part in helping people find items for all types of events In their lives – from a smoke machine for the first dance at their wedding, to a candy floss machine for their kids birthday. I love when people just want to rent out a scooter to make their commute to work just that little bit fun.

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