Meet Amanda, Head of US Operations

What were you doing before Fat Llama?

I was a Compliance Officer at Goldman Sachs, so my job was to improve the training of the firm’s staff across the world. I had a great few years, but by the end of it I was sick of the regimented days and how predictable my future was. I could have told you exactly what I’d be doing the next day, the next week, the next month — even the next year.

Why did you join Fat Llama?

I’d completed my first decathlon, which I’d been terrified to even attempt, and felt motivated to change other areas of my life too. I was looking for new challenges and a sense of purpose, so I loved the idea of taking this vision of Fat Llama and making something real out of it.

It was a total leap of faith to join Fat Llama, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now I actually get to be a real person at work — my creativity and quirkiness are valued, not critiqued, and my random ideas really make change and grow the business.

My whole heart is in this company. I love what I do, I love my team — we’re a family, really — and I’m excited to come to work every single day.

What do you do day to day?


Everyone in the New York office is part of the launch team, which means we live and breathe Fat Llama. We spend our days doing anything and everything we can to grow the business. We never stop brainstorming, even in our downtime.

It is high pressure, but it’s also fun, crazy, sporadic and high energy — which I thrive on.

Tell us about your non-profit 

I was on the Pro Bono committee at Goldman Sachs, which is where I met my mentor, Ben, who’s an attorney there. I’d been kind of boasting that I was a recovered anorexic, and he asked me to be a part of a documentary on mental health that he was making.

Long story short, he told me that I had too much passion about the subject for just a short film, and that I needed to do something more — which is how the Fight Anorexia Network was born. We’re trying to build a community of people battling body dysmorphic diseases and encourage them to cultivate their own self worth.

So we do educational advocacy on emotional intelligence and social media, recovery programs (like art workshops, fitness classes, mindfulness sessions), and what we call ‘bloom boxes’, which are like subscription boxes sent to people recovering from eating disorders by personal sponsors.

When I started FAN, I was quite bored and sad, to be honest. But helping people — looking outside myself for two seconds — has been so powerful.

What have you learnt about yourself working at Fat Llama?

That I’m capable. That taking risks is worth it. And that the most exciting opportunities come out of thin air.

If you’re thinking, correctly, that Amanda sounds like a badass, it’s your lucky day  — you can apply to join her team, or for any of our other roles, here.

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