Nadia Chopra: “Every day is a challenge — and I like to be challenged”

At the tender age of 22, Nadia Chopra is not only a resident sound engineer at Boiler Room, but also moonlighting as a DJ (under her stage name Noudle), as well as hosting 2 radio shows and putting on her own house-jazz club night, Lucidé. It’s a lot of responsibility for someone so young — but she says that she loves the energy of it.

So what exactly is sound engineering?

It can cover lots of different areas — the music industry, television, games. It just depends which stream you choose to go down. I’m currently working in music — at live events, and in recording studios as well.

Recording musicians performing in the studio is the recording engineer’s role. Then the sound engineer has the role of combining, mixing, editing, adding reverb and delay — the things that really cement the song together.

Live events are where I work mostly; that involves working with the venue to figure out the equipment that’s needed and how the musicians need to sound, for example.

Does your engineering influence your DJing?

I do like to incorporate the fact that I know about engineering into my DJing; it’s about combining both worlds together to give a different experience. I play a lot of house, jazz, funk… it’s all just about being able to express the music that you love.

Tell us about working at Boiler Room.

I actually started off volunteering at a few shows: then they liked my work and asked me to do more. It’s been amazing because I’ve been able to work on shoots as well — they don’t always do live shows, they put out their own videos and documentaries too.

Every day is a challenge, and I like to be challenged. I like being able to learn something new every time I work, or I just get bored.

With so much of your work being live, have you ever had any disasters?

There’s been a few. But you just have to make sure that you don’t panic in the moment — because once you enter that panic mode, your mind can get blocked. You’ve got the pressure of the musicians and the audience, and everyone’s turning to you, so it’s best to figure out the issue as soon as possible.

So you’ve learnt to keep a cool head?

100%… well, it’s kind of a work in progress.

How did you get in to all of this?

I’ve always been into music, for as long as I can remember. My dad’s actually an electrical engineer, and he was a DJ as well, so I guess I just kind of grew up with it.

Do you find your dad’s DJing embarrassing?

Not at all! I remember at primary school he’d volunteer to DJ at the school discos. And when he did, all the kids would come up to me and ask if I could get him to play a song for them, and I’d be like, “yeah I can — that’s my dad.”

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