‘It’s nice to meet a lot of freelancers along the way’

We interviewed Andi Hampton, Director of the award winning production company Family Creative, to find out what he’s been up to: including current projects, thoughts on Fat Llama and his advice for future generations.


NAME: Andi Hampton

WEBSITE: Family Creative

RECENT PROJECTS: Our Kingdom – Feature length video on the history of the UK Snowboarding Community

INSPIRED BY: Downhill and freestyle snowboarder, Jeremy Jones




“Jump at opportunities” “Do as many passion projects as you can” “Build yourself up a good visual portfolio” “Meet or work with as many people in the industry as you can”

The Convenience Factor

“Just the ease of having people nearby with specific kit which was what we needed at the time”

I guess it was probably the convenience of borrowing quickly, when we’ve got short deadlines and things like that. When we needed kit instantly rather than having to book through and open new accounts with hire companies and things like that. Just the ease of having people nearby with specific kit which was what we needed at the time.

Meeting Like-Minded People

“Everybody has been pretty cool and down to earth and like-minded with us.”

I think everybody has been pretty cool and down to earth and like-minded with us. It’s nice to meet a lot of freelancers along the way who hire their kit out and people in similar companies to us and individuals who maybe we could even use in our projects in the future with their kit as well. There are specific people we go back to quite a lot to hire different bits because we know they are easy-going guys.

Reliable Contacts

“It helps to know that they’re close by and they’re flexible”

Yes, definitely. It’s cool because you can talk to them on a bit of a personal level as well. You don’t have to keep reintroducing and gain the trust in other people. They’re obviously very trustworthy anyway, but it helps to know that they’re close by and they’re flexible on where they can be and where you can meet up with them at certain times and stuff. It seems to work well for lots of people. Mainly the thing we hire is little bits of product which we don’t keep as a company, just because we just need them specifically for different jobs.

Final Thoughts… A Resource For Future Generations?

My advice to film students probably would be to jump at the opportunities; things like platforms like Fat Llama, because you’ve got so much gear at your fingertips without having to purchase and be out of pocket for all this kit, which we had never had access to when I was starting out.

Having this at your fingertips now is amazing really, because you don’t have to open an account with a hire company as a big business and you can just get your mitts on things – the world is your oyster really. Go and make great images.

If you’d like to see what projects Andi’s been undertaking recently check out his Instagram @andi_i_shoot

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