‘Fat Llama connects you with people’

Videographer and photographer, Simone Sampo, talks to us about his work, using Fat Llama and inspiring future generations.


NAME: Simone Sampo

WEBSITE: Unfiltered Ltd

PROJECTS: Promotional videos for Bulgari Resorts based in Dubai, Greece and Tokyo.

INSPIRED BY: Fashion Photographer, Marta Bevaqua.


You just need to be quick and react and say, ‘Something’s cool, let’s do it.’… If you can do something that makes people proud, people usually share it with other people, for example, if you make a video that makes London proud, the London people will probably share it to other friends living in Paris or Manchester or Milan and say, ‘Look how good my city is.’ So you need to try to touch the heart of the people to share it.”

Borrowing or Buying?

“We own a lot of equipment, but it’s quite cheap and more efficient to hire some stuff”

I didn’t know where to rent anything in London. I just Googled it and Fat Llama came up. I liked everything about it. I liked the website. It’s quite easy. It feels like the Airbnb for rentals. So it’s quite nice where you can actually see where the devices are on the map. So I started renting video equipment. I think I rented a few times some wireless microphones. I rented some cameras and lenses and actually the last one was today, I picked one Sony camera because we are going in Ethiopia in Africa to do a documentary for TV. We needed a camera for a month and there we go!

The Short Notice Factor

‘Oh shit, we need to do a shoot tomorrow. I’m missing a microphone. Why don’t I go to Fat Lama?’

I run also a YouTube channel. It’s not my main business. It’s a YouTube channel about cooking. Sometimes I do a collaboration with other YouTubers and I need to mic a second guy. It was very useful to find availability of this microphone on Fat Llama and it happened probably overnight, so it was like, ‘Oh shit, we need to do a shoot tomorrow. I’m missing a microphone. Why don’t I go to Fat Llama?’ We found Cam Connect and they replied in five seconds, ‘Yes, we’ve got it. Just come now,’ and boom.

Did You Find What You Need?

‘I think London has got very good availability of inventory’

London has got very good availability of inventory. And I think availability at short notice. I think that’s a very strong point. That’s actually what you want, because you are always working at short notice. Sometimes the decision has been made at the last minute, ‘Oh, we need to do this. Can we do it tomorrow? Yes, okay. We need A, B and C. Okay, I don’t have B. Okay, let’s go to Fat Llama and see if somebody is renting it.’

Final Thoughts

My productions are not like a film or a big advertising production. It’s very small stuff but sometimes we decide stuff in the last second and it’s good to have Fat Llama then that can connect you with people.

If you want to check out Simone’s recent projects follow his Instagram @simonecsz

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