‘I Bought My Mum A Flat With My Fat Lama Income’

Here at Llama HQ, we love hearing stories about how people are being empowered by lending and borrowing.

One recent conversation – with Antonio, who started lending on the platform back in October last year – left us particularly amazed. We weren’t the only ones who were fascinated by Antonio’s story, either – read his interview with BBC News here!

When he’s not working as a receptionist for a property management company in Central London, Antonio is a keen photographer, so he listed a range of his photography equipment, as well as a spare video projector and smoke machine.

He’s currently earning up to £4k per month by renting out his spare equipment.

Antonio used his rental income to buy his mum a flat in Ohrid, Macedonia.

‘My mum is very happy about the flat!’

Within six months of renting, he had made enough to help him buy two properties in Macedonia. Here’s what he had to say:

“Thanks to my rental income, I’ve recently bought two flats: one in Ohrid for my mum, and one in Skopje – the capital of Macedonia, where I was born. Fat Lama rentals have played a huge part in this – frankly, it would have been impossible without the extra income. My mum is very happy about the flat!

‘I have made a lot of friends’

Antonio enjoys the social aspect of lending and borrowing, too: “I have made a lot of friends since I started on Fat Lama and you can’t put a price on that! The process of meeting people is very important – you’re making a connection with someone who could potentially become a regular renter, and you often end up networking with someone in the same industry.

As well as the social benefits, Antonio is interested in how Fat Lama is bringing about a more sustainable economy:

“I often think about the potential environmental effects of a world where borrowing items was the default. Buying new stuff can be exciting, but too often you realize that you don’t actually need it. A platform like Fat Lama means that you can hire something and ‘try before you buy’.

“It can pay your rent, bills and even buy you a house!”

Asked whether he would recommend others to start renting out the things they own, Antonio said: “Absolutely. It can pay your rent, bills and even buy you a house! The money that I’m earning through Fat Lama means that one day soon, I could be working for myself. That alone is so exciting.”


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