The Most Popular Cinema Cameras in Peer-to-Peer Rental

Are you a filmmaker with spare equipment lying about? Or an amateur with underused kit? If so, then you may be interested to find out which pieces of equipment are generating the most income via peer-to-peer rentals. Well, help is at hand! We here at Fat Lama have conducted a study based on the thousands of transactions that have taken place on the platform since the start of 2018, to identify the highest-earning film cameras and lenses on our platform. We have scored them on two factors: the amount of overall revenue they generate and the frequency of peer-to-peer rentals.

For newcomers to the blog, Fat Lama is the world’s fastest growing peer-to-peer rental marketplace. Our platform allows lenders to list any items they own and rent them to people in the local area, and, as a consequence, it enables borrowers to rent kit cheaply from people nearby (rather than buying items outright). 

Canon EOS C200


Purchase cost: £6,900

Daily Rental Rate: £225

Percentage of Total Cost: 3.3%

Days to Cover Cost: 30

The Canon EOS C200 is a popular camera for the combination of its RAW Footage, ergonomics and reasonable pricing. Considering that it’s one of the most affordable 4K cine cameras out there, its even more impressive that this camera should be generating the highest lender income on the platform at just half the daily rental rate of contenders like the Arri Alexa. This can be explained by the fact that this type of camera has the third highest volume of rentals on the platform.

Sony PXW-FS7


Purchase Cost: £6,500

Daily Rental Rate: £150

Percentage of Total Cost: 2.3%

Days to Cover Cost: 43

Despite having a lower daily rental rate than other cameras on this list, the Sony FS7 makes it to second spot as this camerahas more rentals than any other camera on the platform. Quantity over price, makes this camera a worthwhile leander investment. It’s no wonder it rents well, as Sony have recently redesigned the FS7 to optimize the grip, enhance the viewfinder, improve the balance and fine tune the ergonomics – making it one of the best cameras for shooting documentaries out there!

Arri Alexa Mini


Purchase Cost: £30,000

Daily Rental Rate: £500

Percentage of Total Cost: 1.6%

Days to Cover Cost: 60

Arri cameras have long been the brand of choice for filmmakers and the introduction of the Alexa Mini has done nothing to diminish this. The Alexa is popular as it maintains a top quality imaging whilst being concentrated in a much smaller and super-lightweight carbon body than others in the range. It’s also built to fit a variety of gimbals and multicopters. The Arri makes its to third place, purely through the virtue of its high daily rental rate (though still a considerable saving in comparison to the cost of purchasing one out right).

Blackmagic Pocket Cine Camera


Purchase Cost: £765

Daily Rental Rate: £25

Percentage of Total Cost: 3.3%

Days to Cover Cost: 30

Though the Blackmagic pocket cine camera may not be the most expensive item to rent out, it has high demand in its favour, coming in second in this category close behind the Sony FS7. It’s popularity isn’t surprising given that it has 13 stops of dynamic range and can reach up to 25,600 on its dual native ISO – allowing you to produce top quality HDR images even in low light conditions.

Red Raven 4K


Purchase Cost: £15,600

Daily Rental Rate: £245

Percentage of Total Cost: 1.6%

Days to Cover Cost: 63

The final contender on the list is the Red Raven 4K, acclaimed for its high resolution, modularity and dynamic range (all wrapped up in a lightweight and compact camera). It’s significant purchase cost leads to a correspondingly high daily rental rate. This puts the camera on the list purely for the amount of revenue generated per rental, however, the relatively lengthy period of time need to pay off the original capital outlay prevents this camera from rising above fifth place.  

Don’t forget the Lenses!

Peer-to-peer cine lens rental is making and saving our users huge amounts of money. If you’re considering listing a spare lens or even investing in some, here are the three top earners so far this year:

Top 3 Cine Lenses (Based on Total Revenue Generated)

  1. Canon CN-E Cine Prime – Set of 6
  2. Samyang Lens EF – Set of 5
  3. Samyang Xeen Cine Lens

Top 3 Cine Lenses (Based Frequency of Rentals)

  1. Samyang Lens EF – Set of 5
  2. Samyang Xeen Cine Lens
  3. Canon CN-E Cine Prime – Set of 6

Overall Winner: Samyang Lens EF – Set of 5

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N.B. Figures are based on our sample data set and do not guarantee a set income to any lender on the platform.

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