Jules’ Story — The power of Fat Lama and the sharing economy

At Fat Lama, we believe in the power of sharing. It opens up possibilities for everyone, to use things that they wouldn’t be able to own, and to make money from those possessions going unused for 364 days of the year.

To illustrate the power of Fat Lama, here’s a quick story about Jules.

Meet Jules

Jules is in a band. Her band is gigging hard, and their music is blowing up (thanks to Spotify and Twitter). One particular track is definitely going to be their next single, and Jules wants the video for it to be set in Scotland, with an amazing backdrop of them driving an old VW camper through the highlands.

They don’t have a record label yet though, so she’s trying to make her vision happen on her shoestring budget.

She needs a cool camper van, some cameras and a drone for those overhead shots. But this is going to cost her thousands from traditional rental companies, and she can’t afford to buy any of the equipment. Plus she can’t find campers with any personality for hire anywhere near her.

Enter Fat Lama.

Fat Lama lets Jules find that perfect camper, the drone and the camera equipment she needs in minutes. She finds out the cost upfront and can pick them up and drop them off at her convenience. What’s more, by renting at off-peak times, she gets a great discount.

Jules also realises that her bands music equipment is going to lie unused for a couple of weeks while they go and film. Luckily Fat Lama not only lets her list those items, but insures them for her peace of mind and gives her a direct line to her borrowers.

Her drums, amps and backline bring in a lot of the money that she needs to pay for their video.

What If?

What if owning things were no longer important? What if those expensive items that are hard to find, can be available to you in a second? What if that investment you have already made can be used to pay for those things you can’t afford to own?

At Fat Lama we believe in that future:

We believe that one day, actually owning those things we only occasionally need will be as ridiculous as buying a house every time you want to go on holiday.

Our investors and customers do too. We’ve been backed by companies like Y Combinator and Greylock Capital (Reid Hoffman’s VC) and are currently closing a series A to turn our platform, which has so far seen massive organic traction in the UK and US, into the best destination for brilliant borrowing, globally.

Now we need people who believe what we do, and want to help us build it.

We’re hiring engineers, designers, operations people and more! If you fancy working at one of the fastest growing startups in London, check out our jobs page for our latest opportunities, and click here for lots more great Lama stories.

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