Catherine: ‘It was super easy!’

Soon after renting out her Elna sewing machine, Catherine described her rental experience and spoke about some of the benefits of stuff-sharing platforms.


What’s your name and what do you do?

I’m Catherine and I’m an Office Manager and PA

How often do you use your sewing machine?

My sewing machine is rarely used, but I also wouldn’t want to sell it now I have it! I listed it because I’m more than happy to loan it out so someone at least gets some use out of it.

How was your rental experience?

It was super easy! I was contacted first by the borrower, just to make sure it was ok and she could pick it up when she needed. Yashka made a request and in a couple of minutes it was all organised. She came over that evening to pick it up.

What was the borrower using it for?

Yashka was a first-time borrower. She was in the middle of a sewing project with a deadline and her machine broke. As she couldn’t get it fixed quickly enough, her friend found the Fat Lama website and she is currently using my machine to finish the project.

Would you borrow something yourself on the platform?

Yes definitely and I’m always encouraging people to put their things on the site – it’s such a good idea, especially for items you have that don’t get used.

Do you think a stuff-sharing platform could benefit others in your profession?

Yes – I can see this would be a good platform for Office Managers – I can see others using it for bulky items that don’t get used all year round, especially when you have a lack of storage – like air con units/heaters – or for those last minute things that get thrown your way to source at a good price and deliver really quickly! Or for items for events – DJ decks, lighting etc. It’s much better than buying and having to maintain and or store somewhere.

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