Usman: ‘It Makes My Job A Lot Easier’

After he travelled from Leeds to London for a recent shoot, Usman from Sonder Creative shared his thoughts on using Fat Lama over on his YouTube channel. He hired a Beholder gimbal and a Panasonic GH5 from local London photographers. Watch the video below to see how he got on and to hear his thoughts on the gear and on how peer rental is changing the practice of independent photographers.


‘They’re Passionate About What They’re Doing’

“One thing that really struck me was the customer service. The customer service is incredible. You can really tell that the staff members care and they’re passionate about what they’re doing and they want to help and I really, really appreciate that! This was the first time that I was renting equipment from Fat Lama, and I have to say the whole process was just so easy. It was so seamless for me to go from Leeds to London, rent some equipment out, do a shoot, return the equipment and come back.”

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‘The Price Was Definitely Cheaper’

“The price was definitely cheaper than renting from another rental company or so on. The other advantage is, because I was renting from other people who actually own this equipment and use this equipment, they were able to give me a bit of an insight and just give me a heads up on a couple of things, tweak some of the settings, show me a couple of things that I could do. That was so useful, especially when it comes to time restraints – you don’t want to be faffing around with things, you just want to get things done. So from a professional standpoint, I highly, highly recommend this website. You can get equipment which you don’t necessarily need for every single shoot but you just need it for one particular thing. I think that for creatives as a whole, this website is going to be incredibly powerful.”

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‘It Makes My Job A Lot Easier’

“The other thing is the sheer variety of the kind of things that you can rent on this platform. You can rent things like a pair of Nike trainers, to a caravan, to an Arri Alexa… That’s right, you can rent an Arri Alexa from this website with a technician, and the price is actually very reasonable! I really do recommend this platform and I can see the potential. Everything that you rent out is 100% insured and you’ve got that peace of mind, which makes this viable for professional use. This has changed my perspective in terms of how I’m going to be doing shoots in the future because now, I’ve got access to a lot of equipment that I didn’t necessarily have in the past, or maybe it was just a bit too expensive for it to be viable for whatever shoot that I’m doing. Now I can go to a location and I can rent out equipment – I can even rent out props like tables and chairs and things – and it makes my job and my life and my work a lot easier. For that reason, I’m really excited about what this web site holds for the future, how it’s going to progress and I can’t wait to see how things develop!” 

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