Give A Friend £25. Get £25.

Inviting friends to use Fat Lama benefits both them and you; when a friend signs up with your unique code, they automatically earn £25 credit to use on the platform. What’s more, you’ll be rewarded when they make their first rental on the platform. Read on to find out how to start giving and getting some handy credit.

How To Earn Referral Credit

  1. Head to
  2. Enter the phone number or email of your friend and click ‘Invite’. You’ll receive £1 for every sign-up with your code.
  3. When your friends sign up with your code, they’ll be credited with £25.
  4. Once your friend makes their first rental on Fat Lama, you’ll receive £25 in turn. It pays to be generous!
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Start earning credit at

More Ways To Share

Our helpful Silicon lamas have made it possible to share your code in a few different ways with just the click of a button:

  • Social Media: Click on the Twitter or Facebook icons on the Invite page to share your code and £25 offer immediately with a wider audience.
  • Email: Want to personally send an email directly to your contacts? Click on the Mail icon to share the love via email.
  • Direct Link: Clicking on the Link icon copies your credit referral link straight to your clipboard for ease of sharing across platforms.
  • WhatsApp/SMS (Phone Only): Click on the SMS or WhatsApp icons in order to copy your code straight into your messaging app of choice.


Give £25 to a friend today.


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