Adam: ‘My DJ Equipment Was Collecting Dust’

An increasing number of musicians, from DJs to session guitarists, are turning to gear-sharing. In light of the financial strain on many creatives in the music industry, it makes sense for those with underused music equipment to put it to work to generate a significant passive income. Equally, peer-rental provides musicians with cheap access to a broad inventory of gear for both live events and studio work.

We caught up with DJs Adam and Jennifer, who rented a pair of CDJs peer-to-peer earlier on this year. They spoke about how using a platform like Fat Lama allowed them local, convenient access and provided a passive income stream.


  • “I was renting them for a private party that I was putting on. It was good because I was able to sort them out at really short notice.”
  • “Adam really kind of saved the day! The equipment I wanted to use was pretty close to my house as well; travelling to pick up something is definitely a big factor.”


  • “I’m actually a DJ myself. Fat Lama was quite appealing to me because I’ve got all of this expensive equipment but I’m not always using it and it’s just sat there collecting dust probably about 50% of the time, so to be able to make money off that while it’s sat there is great.”
  • “When I found Fat Lama I was actually looking for a means of selling them. I thought, ‘hang on a minute, I can make my money back and also keep my equipment.’”

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