The Fat Lama Campervan Guarantee

Campervan Owner? Earn £3,000 in 3 months. Guaranteed.

We’re guaranteeing earnings of up to £3000 in your first 3 months of renting your campervan on Fat Lama. Current demand levels mean that we’re confident you’ll earn up to that amount simply by listing your Campervan up for rent. And if you don’t earn that much? We’ll pay you the remainder. If your ride is gathering dust whilst you’re reading this, book in a call to guarantee your earnings.

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Am I Eligible?

To be eligible for the Fat Lama Campervan Guarantee you must able to comply with the following:
  • You’re able to drop off & pick up the campervan in and around London, UK.
  • You’re able to respond to rental requests/messages within a 5-hour window.
  • You accept all rental requests on your listing.
  • Your price is within 20% of the category average (£120 per day).
  • Your campervan is in excellent driving condition, with in-date pictures of the interior and exterior uploaded to your Fat Lama listing.

How Does it Work? What about insurance?

Let us securely vet each and every Borrower before they rent your van so you can focus on earning.
  • You are 100% covered as a Fat Lama Campervan Guarantee Lender.
  • More details about our insurance-backed guarantee can be explained when a call is booked (below).
  • Every Borrower is thoroughly vetted and has to provide a valid credit card before being approved to rent your campervan.
  • You’ll be paid 24 hours after the start of each rental period.
  • And after 3 months, if you haven’t made our promised amount in bookings, we’ll pay you the remainder.

Offer available only to first-time campervan renters.


If you’d like to hear more, the first step is to book in a call!



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