Your New Rental Calendar

When you’re regularly renting out multiple items on Fat Lama, it can take a feat of supernatural organisation to keep on top of requests and outgoing and incoming items. To help out, we’ve launched your new rental calendar. Check it out here!

Calendar Features

  • Rental Checker. The new calendar will display the upcoming rentals on your items in green so you can keep track of what you’ve got coming up.
  • Item unavailable. If you want to block out individual days when an item is unavailable for other reasons, select the item in question on the left-hand side and click/drag on the days you wish to block out.
  • Holiday Mode (coming soon!). If you’re going away and are therefore unable to fulfil rental requests: simply tick the Holiday Mode box, click on the first day of your period away, and drag to the last. The last step: enjoy your holiday!

CalenderHead to your Calendar now.

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