Five Items Worth Listing Now On Fat Lama

As demand for hire increases on Fat Lama, we like to keep our users in the loop on where demand is not being met by supply. The following five items are prime examples of where search volume is currently outweighing the number of items listed on the platform:

Roof Box

We may be bidding farewell to prime holiday season, but the demand for roof boxes proves relatively steady the year round. Got one? List it.

Panasonic Lumix GH5

Owners will know that the Panasonic Lumix GH5 is a well-rounded camera and one of, if not the best, 4K camera solution out there. No wonder that search demand for peer to peer GH5 hire is currently very high.

Hedge Trimmer

Gardener’s angling for an autumn spruce may just be looking to borrow your hedgetrimmer. Whether petrol or electric, cordless or wired, telescopic or multi-faceted, it’s free to list yours here.

DJI Spark

Early in September, this very blog described the DJI Spark as “a must rent.” Clearly, Fat Lama users have taken note, because search volumes have boomed and fast outstripped the number of Sparks listed on Fat Lama.

Carpet Cleaner

Perhaps not the most glamorous item on this lineup, but we’re currently unable to meet the demand for carpet cleaners. If you’ve got one yourself, you know what to do!
For more examples of what rents frequently on the platform, click here.

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