How To Take Better Photos Of Your Items

Want to generate more rentals on your items? Take better photos. There’s a reason why property photographers are in demand in real estate. As consumers, we’re suckers for a nice snap. Lenders who put craft and thought into their images receive significantly more rentals. Our experience has also taught us that stock photos are far less likely to generate item rentals than user-generated images. Below, we offer four tips to help you nail your listing photos and boost your lender income.

1. Light Your Subject

Lighting the item in question is the first key to higher quality images. If you don’t have a studio lighting rig to hand, then why not borrow one from Fat Lama? Alternatively, take your photo outside in natural light for best results.

2. Make Sure It’s Focused

This may sound obvious, but ensure that the item itself is clearly focused. If there is any wear and tear visible on the item, lenders should ensure this is visible too.
canon-ef-2470mm-f28l-ii-88640983 (1).jpg

3. Represent The Item Clearly

A prospective borrower will want to see the entirety of the item they’re renting. For many items, that means arranging every component (propellers, lenses, batteries and cables included!) so they are clearly identifiable.

4. Have Some Fun

Don’t be afraid to show your item in action or enjoy some comical artistic license when setting up your shot. Kudos to Darren, who set up the below (right-hand) shot of his Canon Pancake Lens with lemon and sugar to boot.


Ready To Edit?

If you’ve been inspired to edit your own listings, head to your listings and click edit on the item in question. To edit images, you’ll need to reupload all images, ensuring that you upload the image you want as the default image first.

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