How To Optimise Your Listings

How do I get the most out of Fat Llama? As a lender, it all starts with your listing. We’ve come up with our 6 top tips for making your listing stand out from the crowd.

#1 Pricing Is Key 

Put simply, lower prices generate more rentals and more money in the long run. Be reasonable when choosing the price at which to list your item. Have a browse, see what the going rate is for similar items and use that as a benchmark. Remember, for specialist equipment (e.g. camera and drones) a lot of Fat Llama users will be looking for below-market rates. We recommend pricing your items for less than the standard rental shop price.

#2 Photos Make A Difference

Listings with clear, good quality images consistently get a better response than those that don’t. Make sure all the equipment available to rent is on show (remember, there’s no limit on how many photos you can add, the more the better). It doesn’t have to be anything professional, but make your items look real and try to avoid using stock images where possible.

#3 Make Your Description Comprehensive

This is your opportunity to put everything down in one place. Outline what is included in the rental, the spec of the item, the size, the colour. Let potential borrowers know if you are willing to lower the price for longer rentals, how flexible you are with handover, what they can expect if they rent from you. Do mention if you have similar items up for rent or would consider bundle deals. The world is your Llama, go wild!

#4 Make It Search-Friendly

A lot of Fat Llama users find what they are looking for using a keyword search.  Think about what words people might use to search for your item and make sure you’ve got them in somewhere – be it your title or your description. It sounds simple, but if you don’t state what your item actually is – it will be a lot harder to find. This doesn’t mean you have to be really vague, quite to the opposite – we urge you to be as precise as possible but make sure you get those keywords in. If you can fit them in your title, go for it. This will help improve your visibility in the listings on Fat Llama and increase the number of requests you get.

#5 Leave Reviews

Fat Llama users are more likely to rent from a lender with good reviews. If you have had a pleasant experience with a borrower – leave them a review to let them know and they’ll most likely return the favour. This ties in nicely with number 6.

#6 Friendliness is key

Be as friendly and as helpful as you can with potential/current borrowers. Always try and answer any questions they may have and do what you can to help them – go the extra mile.
These are our super top tips for improving your listing and becoming a Superlender. If you think we’ve missed any and/or want to share with us your own tips feel free to get in touch


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