Why I Use: Hopper HQ

Recently we spoke with our buddies over at Hopper HQ, a service that’s worth a look at if you’re looking to streamline and automate your Instagram schedule. We asked them for the highs and lows of exactly what they do – have a look at what they said:

What is Hopper HQ?

Hopper HQ is a fully automated planning & scheduling tool for Instagram. Having worked with 10,000+ brands in more than 70 countries, our aim to help you be excellent at visual marketing.

How’s it different to other similar social media scheduling platforms?

At Hopper HQ we are Instagram’s first, and one of the only, social media scheduling platforms that offer automated scheduling. Hopper HQ is the scheduling toolthat posts for you – upload, plan & schedule and Hopper HQ takes care of the rest. We have an awesome team and we’re always working on new features and resources to help you excel at Instagram & visual marketing.

Are your users generally businesses or individuals?

We’re very proud to say we’ve worked with over 10,000+ brands, however our user base isn’t just comprised of businesses. We have a great mixture of users from individuals to influencers. We also have some amazing photographers who use Hopper HQ to be ahead of their Instagram game.

Is Influencer Marketing on platforms like Instagram the future of Digital Marketing?

The popularity of social media has boom’d to the point where 30% of time spent online is on social platforms. Traditional marketing methods aren’t as effective for millennials, people are scrolling through their feeds during commercial breaks, or catching up with the timeline news on their morning commute, all eyes are on social. Influencer Marketing opens up a door of marketing that we haven’t seen yet, consumers are putting their trust into online influencers they can relate to and engage with, and trust them to provide authentic unbiased product recommendations. So far it has been very effective for many online brands and we predict Influencer marketing will only get bigger and better.

What did you make of Kylie Jenner’s recent Snapchat Tweet?Has the platform had its day?

It was definitely an interesting chain of events, and I guess Kylie Jenner simply echoed the thoughts of many Snapchat users who were frustrated with the new update. Whilst historically no one likes big changes, I don’t think anyone anticipated this much backlash against a UI update. The guys over at Snapchat seem to be confident with it despite all the negativity, however I’ve noticed many content creators and influencers decide to move over to Instagram stories instead. It’s still early days yet, but I’d say it’s ridiculous to say the platform has had its day.


So give them a wee look if you’re a business, influencer or just a big user of instagram, it could help organise your life completely hassle free.

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