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We spoke to the team behind London’s innovative new dating app, CLiKD.

CLiKD has been called the ‘Instagram’ of dating apps. How does it work?

For CLiKD, our main POS is helping our users truly discover the person behind the photo. We do this with our unique 3 question BuzzFeed-esque test. Users start by choosing their interests and then we send them recommendations based on that. The next step is they have to set up their own test for prospective matches to pass before they can get chatting. Our questions range from the practical to the outrageous and users have to pass each other’s tests before they can say they’ve ‘CLiKD’. We’ve made the questions fun and visual based to appeal to the Instagram generation (users can also submit their own questions) and the questions can also act as an ice breaker to really aid in forming real connections.

What does it offer that other dating apps don’t?

Primarily, our focus is on personality and creativity. A lot of other apps out there, like Tinder, run the risk of being superficial and not being about making real lasting connections. Then there are apps, like OKCupid, that want to help users make a deeper connection but their question process is just too long. CLiKD provides a happy medium between extremes. We’ve given the power of finding your perfect match back to the user and made it so they can tailor their search to the type of mate they’re looking for. We’ve also made it so that even before you match, you know that the two of you have common ground, which makes it easier for users all-round.

How did you come up with the idea?

Essentially, it came from listening to people’s first date horror stories and reading about people’s Tinder Nightmares! Dating is such a huge part of our lives and it should be a more enjoyable experience than it is for a lot of people right now, so the inspiration was first date horror stories. The concept behind the 3-question visual test is to recreate a fun first date scenario where you’re asking fun, random questions and just getting to know each other.


What’s the funniest story you’ve heard from a CLIKD date?

Our previous dating intern’s first date with CLiKD was pretty hilarious. In the blog series she did for us, she describes it as ‘the worst date of her life!’ Let’s just say it started out well until they met in person and he wasn’t at all what he seemed like in his profile. To top it all off, they went to a bar later and a lot of alcohol lead to a lot of inappropriate questions on his part. All the details of that date, and the others she went on, are on the CLiKD blog, so have a read to see how bad that date really got!

Trust and security are vital to an effective peer-to-peer platform. What does CLiKD do to address these?

The current UK dating scene offers a lot of choice. Whether it’s a choice of who your date is or where you go on said date, as there is always something to do in London. However, with such a huge choice of dates, there’s also more risk when all you really want to do is pick someone who, as well as being nice, good-looking, funny and all the other usual things, is also respectful of your boundaries and someone who you can feel safe with. CLiKD always aims to create a safe environment, so we react immediately when we receive any complaints from our users about their safety. In terms of our own safety precautions, we don’t allow users below the age of 18 and users can only sign up if they have a Facebook account that is over a year old to establish that they are a real person and to try and eliminate the threat of catfishing.

The dating industry is very well-established. What advice would you give to new companies disrupting competitive markets?

Firstly, start by working out what your niche/USP is early on, then find your ideal consumer base to match. Once you’ve established what they want, the rest will follow naturally.
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