Nowadays, Paper Airplanes Are Smartphone Controlled

Toymaker Power Up seems to have brushed off any taunts of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ on their way to revolutionising the paper glider – a toy whose wide-scale manufacturing was first recorded in Japan in 500BCE.

According to creator Shai Goitein: “The PowerUp Dart converts your pastime homemade paper airplane into an aerobatic smartphone-controlled paper plane that can do 3D tricks like loops, barrel rolls, and spins in midair.
“Normal paper planes can fly just a few seconds; the PowerUp can fly up to 10 minutes on a charge. It can also take off and land from the ground. The free app connects instantly to the detachable Dart control module.
“Thanks to Bluetooth smart connectivity, tilting the phone controls the direction of the flight, and added thrust controls the ascent, descent, and tricks,” says Goitein.
At present, the PowerUp Dart is available for pre-order on Kickstarter where, at time of writing, it has received $368,801 of its $25,000 goal! Prices start at $29, with shipping set to take place in December.
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