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This week, we pay homage to a pancake lens, a red carpet, and a pair of formidable looking snowshoes.

Pancake Lens

canon-ef-40-mm-pancake-lens-f28-stm--11258418 (1).jpg
Top marks for creativity here.

Could this be the most ingenious listing picture ever? Take another look. Yep. Darren has snapped his Canon EF 40mm Pancake Lens alongside a halved lemon and a sugar pot. What’s more, he’s offering it for free with daily bookings over £20 – nothing crepe about that deal.
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Red Carpet Package

Cure awards season withdrawal symptoms by hiring your own red carpet.

It’s a whole six months until film award season climaxes with the Academy Awards. But you needn’t wait until then for your next slice of red carpet action. There are a host of releases on streaming platforms in the coming weeks which are well worthy of throwing your own viewing parties, complete with projector hire and popcorn machine: Narcos third season, hits Netflix along with Star Trek: Discovery, and let’s not forget Bake Off’s season finale.
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Snow Shoes

Battle the elements in Nick’s snowshoes.

OK. So the weather in Seattle – where these snowshoes are listed – is, at the time of writing, due to reach a sunny high of 25°C. However, the winter has a habit of creeping swiftly up on us. Moreover, for Seattle-ites looking to travel up the coast into Canada and Alaska, you now know where to go for appropriate footwear.
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