Listings Of The Week

This week, we’ve got your back regardless of whether you’re organising a big night in or a big night out.

Festoon Lights

Those lamas amongst you who are of a certain age will be well aware: it’s wedding season. Well, the next time you get married, you may want to consider these straight-outta-Pinterest festoon lights, which would surely provide a perfect canopy of lighting for your special day. Heck, why wait til marriage?
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Popcorn Machine

The British weather appears to be ignoring the calendar this week, so why not go full-hermit, hire a projector and pick up this popcorn machine for the full big screen experience? If coverage of the eclipse has got you hankering for some sci-fi goodness, check out Netflix’s best offering, according to WIRED.
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Pizza Oven

Barbecues are so last summer. This portable pizza oven is the ultimate party-maker. Whether you’re a Hawaiian or a Sicilian kind of person, it might just make your day.
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