This AI Software Predicts Recipes From Your Food Pictures

Have you ever eaten, or just glanced, a dish which you’d like to try recreating in the comfort of your own kitchen? You may be in luck. MIT researchers claim to have have developed a piece of AI software which can analyse the picture of food and return the recipe required to make it.

Dubbed Pics2Recipe, the AI has read over a million recipes and uses a neural network to find patterns and connections between images and recipes. The amount of recipes was necessarily large, because the software doesn’t actually look at a picture and guess the recipe. By contrast, it lists all the ingredients it believes are in the food and then references this data with its database. Users are then sent the 10 recipe suggestions that best match the picture submitted.

The Taste Test

You can trial the software on the demo page, but caution is advised before you put in the grocery order. We’ve just put it to the test here in the Lama shed, and an image of bread and butter pudding returned a recipe for Easy Oven-Baked Teriyaki Chicken. Work continues on improving the system. In the near future, researchers aim to embed cooking method into their algorithm, but we may not quite be at that stage just yet…

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