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It’s just about impossible to keep up with the range of items being listed on Fat Lama. But try we must! This week, kudos goes to the amazing lamas who’ve listed the following items:

1. Inflatable Pitch Surround

With England through to the semi-finals of the Women’s Euros, more than a few of you are no doubt inspired to get out on the pitch and create your own moment of footballing glory. Well, those of you close enough to Bristol are in luck: you can now hire this inflatable ‘stadium’, which measures up at 25m x 15m, for just £259/day.
View listing here.


Filmmakers will need no introduction to the RED SCARLET-W Digital Cinema Camera, which brings RED’s famous DRAGON sensor to a smaller and more modular body. Shooting in 5k, the SCARLET gives you the ability to capture your vision exactly as you see it.
View listing here.

3. DJI Drone Goggles (FPV)

These first-person-view drone headset allows you to see what your drone does and may be the closest you’ve ever come to actually flying. Drone enthusiasts, goggle up!

View listing here.

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