Welcome To The Future, Where Any Item Is Accessible In Minutes.

Welcome to the future. We don’t drive on roads; our cars either fly or are transported by Musk’s global network of underground tunnels. Thanks to the Neuralink chips we’ve implanted in our brains, we spend half our time wondering whether our actions are digitally controlled. Our phones know our music taste, our fashion sense and the health of our relationships better than we do ourselves. The lines between the ‘real world’ and augmented reality were forgotten somewhere along the line between Pokemon Go and the replacement of mobile phones with HoloLens glasses. The advancement of the artificially intelligent workforce means we only work a three day week. And everyone (your parents included) drinks Soylent.

An ‘On-Demand’ Future

OK. Perhaps one or two of these will be written into history as unrealised fads of a Silicon Valley utopia. But there is one key driver that will undoubtedly shape our future: our growing need for instant access to products and services. The growth of the on-demand economy is perhaps best typified by Uber’s rapid monopolisation of car services, or our increasing dependence on food delivery services like Deliveroo.

Fat Lama and Instant Access: The Stats

Us Lamas are getting excited by a future in which any item – from the niche and technical to the everyday – is accessible within minutes. And it’s already happening. This week in the Lama Data Lab, we’ve been researching exactly how Fat Lama is meeting our users need for instant access.

  • ⅓ of Fat Lama bookings are made on the same day as the rental period starts.

  • More than 3 in every 5 booking requests are processed in under an hour.


The Future Of Ownership

The stats don’t lie. For our users, renting locally is the logical solution to our demand for instant access. As efficient as our transport systems may be in the future, renting from other people local to you is the most time and energy efficient access solution.
We’re moving towards a future where photographers will have fast, local, out-of-hours access to niche equipment; touring musicians will have a global inventory of kit at their fingertips; construction professionals will be a click away from any tool. Welcome to the future of ownership.

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