Gary: ‘I rent equipment that would otherwise cost thousands.’

When Gary – an independent filmmaker and part-time astronomer – told us he’d hired a drone in order to make a short film about a “home invasion with a twist”, we couldn’t help but ask a few questions…

Hi Gary. Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re up to at the moment…

I’m a northerner living in the big smoke, I’m professional video editor and director. When I’m not cutting and pasting, I shoot my own independent films and I’m also learning astronomy on the side.

Amazing. What was the project you were working on?

I just shot a short film with some of my close friends. It’s about a home invasion with a twist. shot from the killer’s point of view.

How did you hear about Fat Lama?

I was searching online for a drone to shoot my opening shots with. It popped up on google.

How did the rental experience go?

Really smoothly. It took me 2 mins to search for a drone that fit my needs. Once I booked the drone through Fat Lama, I got in touch with the owner, went to pick it up and away I went to get my drone footage.

Before hearing about Fat Lama, were you hiring from other places?

I usually use the established Film & TV rental companies around London, but they don’t rent out drones, so I was in a pickle.

How do you see ‘stuff-sharing’ changing the game for freelance photographers/content creators?

It’s huge, especially for independent filmmakers, photographers and any creative heads! We can log on, rent out equipment that would otherwise cost thousands. Hiring just for your specific shoot, you can maximise your production value without having to remortgage your house.

To take a peek at some of Gary’s work, head to his website here.

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