9 Tips For Your First Ever Drone Flight

Congratulations! You’ve finally done it. You’ve taken the plunge and got your hands on a drone. This could be the start of something special. But before you become the next drone extraordinaire, you’ve got to complete the setup. Here are 9 tips for your first ever drone flight. Are you excited? I know we are!

1. Charge Your Drone

Before all the fun can begin you’re going to have to take a moment (OK quite a few moments) to charge your drone. Many don’t come pre-charged so you’ll have to find another way to entertain yourself whilst you wait for the batteries to charge up.

2. Remove Protective Coverings

You’ll need to remove the protective plastic clip and camera cover which protect the camera and gimbal. They keep the drone in perfect condition whilst it’s in transit from the shop to you but they’re not needed after that and leaving them on whilst you start up your drone can actually damage it.

3. Install Updates

Once you’ve charged your drone and have connected it to your phone, you may be notified about updates which need to be installed. It’s important that you do install the updates as drone manufacturers are constantly improving their drones’ firmware and in doing so improving their performance. After having to charge your drone you will, of course, be eager to give it a go but waiting these extra few minutes may improve its performance dramatically.

4. Calibrate Settings

Some drones allow you to calibrate the the gimbal, controller, and internal compass to give enhanced performance. Although they arrive pre-calibrated, it’s worth spending the extra time to maximise your drone’s performance.

5. Battery Life

This may not be what you want to hear but all the preparation you’ve just done to make your drone fly perfectly can take a toll on its battery so be sure to check how much charge you’ve got left before heading out to take it for a spin.

6. Find A Safe Take-off Zone

Some drones have an inbuilt system which allows them to find their way back to the place which they took off from if it loses connection. By finding a clear, spacious area which isn’t too busy, such as a park or garden, you’ll be making it easier for your drone to find it’s way home safely. Like a homing pigeon but for the 21st Century!

7. Explore The Camera Settings

After the initial excitement of your first drone flight, you’ll no doubt want to explore how to capture the best footage possible. Many drones allow you to customise their camera settings in great detail to help you customise the camera for your particular shooting needs. For example, you may want to think about lowering the sensitivity of the gimbal to make your footage more smooth.

8. Choosing The Flight Mode

Most drones allow you to choose a flight mode which is most appropriate for the task at hand. Flying your drone manually for the first few flights will help you get used to how it works but once you’re a bit more experienced, the other flight modes will help you achieve shots which would be difficult otherwise. Tracking someone, for example, will allow you to easily keep them in the shot even whilst the drone is moving.

9. Press The Red Button

We’ve all done it. You’re so excited to finally have gotten your hands on a drone that you forget to press the record button – we know we have! Just because you can see the view from your drone’s camera on the screen doesn’t mean necessarily that you’re recording. Don’t miss out on great footage: be sure to press record!

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