3 Unusual Uses for Drones

Besides delivery, area mapping, conservation and policing, there are a few particularly inventive drone uses which deserve a little more celebration.

They deliver Amazon packages in rural areas. They map zones of conflict and construction sites. They track endangered wildlife. They maintain law and order in Cornwall and Devon and they provide footage of live entertainment events worldwide. But there are a few particularly inventive drone uses which deserve a little more celebration.

#1 The Drone Hammock

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a flying hammock. In Khashuri, Georgia, passers-by spotted a man enjoying a cosy nap hundreds of feet in the air. The hammock was being flown by a drone. We’ve already seen a personal transportation drone in the works, but what could be better than seeing the sights from the comfort of your own drone operated hammock.
Viewers were quick to point out the size of the drone and the fact that it potentially wouldn’t be able to do this in reality, with some speculating that this was a mannequin instead of a real person.

#2 Drone Skiing

Samsung recently sponsored renowned Youtuber, Casey Neistat, to use a sizeable drone to carry him up ski slopes. This custom-built ski lift is an excellent idea, but requires a lot of drone power. It also proves that the flying hammock man may have indeed been a mannequin!

#3 Drone Surfing

Whilst everyday drones may be unable to support the full body weight of a person, advances in drone technology mean we are getting closer to this every day. Freefly Systems recently tested out wakeboarding using a drone. As you can see, the drone was nowhere near as huge as the Samsung drone, but it was able to pull along the lucky surfer fast enough for some substantial wake. Before you try this one, make sure you’ve nailed the surfing basics!

Before you start hitching a garden hammock to your Phantom 4, we ought to discourage you from trying any of these at home… Having said that, these stunts just prove that advances in drone safety and their ability to support human weight mean that in the near future, our leisure time may well be spent engaging in a variety of different UAV-powered pursuits.

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