Photographing Middle Earth

There’s absolutely no doubt about it. New Zealand has stunning scenery. Sparkling lakes, snow-capped mountains, volcanic rocks, luscious grass plains, towering forest – New Zealand has it all. Those of you who have visited New Zealand know exactly what I’m talking about and probably have memory cards full to bursting with photos from your trip. Those of you who haven’t still probably know what I’m talking about thanks to the cinematic phenomenon that is The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.
The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit trilogies reminded the world of the New Zealand’s natural beauty. Having watched and loved the films ourselves here at Fat Lama, we’d be lying if we said that we weren’t a little bit jealous when we heard about photographer Akhil Suhas’ most recent project.

You Shall Pass

Akhil decided that he wanted his trip to New Zealand to be different from all the photographers who had gone before him. So what better way to stand out from the crowd than to combine his love of The Lord Of The Rings and photography, don a Gandalf costume, and bring the famous wizard to life in his photos. He decided he’d be ‘taking the Gandalf costume to Isengard’ as it were…
Akhil explains that he wanted a recurring theme to his photos and thought dressing up as Gandalf would be a bit of fun. To begin with he tried setting a timer but found that it just wasn’t working for him. So he decided to get the help of eager volunteers he met along the way – the results are spectacular:

If you want to cast a spell on the people looking at your photos, why not rent a Gandalf costume and a wide range of cameras from us here at Fat Lama?

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