Daoud: ‘Fat Lama gives me freedom’

We caught up with Daoud after he borrowed a drone for the weekend on Fat Lama.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re up to at the moment…

I’m currently finishing up my first year at university, studying film and television production. I also create films in my spare time and I’m always looking for new places to travel to and capture.

What inspired you to embark on your travel series?

Spending some time watching videos from people all over the world on YouTube really inspired me to get out there and visit places I hadn’t been before and take my camera with me. My ‘travel series’ films aren’t scripted at all: I go out in the city with my camera and film what appeals to me.

How did you hear about Fat Lama?

I was searching on Google for a place to rent a drone from for an upcoming film and stumbled across Fat Lama.

How did the rental experience go?

The rental experience was very pleasant. I was able to find someone who was located very close to me, so picking up the item was not a problem at all. I also like the feature of paying through the website; it’s much more comforting, as I’m usually hesitant to meet up with someone I don’t know and pay them there and then.

How was Dorset?

Dorset was amazing! Going from living in the city to visiting a place like Dorset was very surreal. At times your forget what country you’re in… I had not experienced a place like it before in this country.

Before hearing about Fat Lama, were you hiring equipment in other places?

Before using fat lama I did not rent from any other companies purely because the prices were a lot higher at camera rental shops and most of the shops were located along way from me. Fat Lama gives me freedom to choose from many locations.

What are the benefits of ‘stuff-sharing’ to a freelance photographer/content creator?

For a freelance content creator, your work can increase in quality or decrease depending on the sort of equipment you have. For me, when visiting different places around the world, I require higher level equipment than I currently own to capture the beauty of most places. Therefore sharing equipment really allows you to raise the quality of your videos without having to spend large sums of money.

To check out some more of Daoud’s videography work, head to daoudldn.com!


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