Why I Use: Too Good To Go

We spoke to the guys behind one of our favourite apps, Too Good To Go, which helps restaurants fight food waste. If you haven’t already, listen to our podcast interview with one of their founders, Jamie.

1. What is To Good To Go?

Too Good To Go is an app which connects restaurants, cafes, bakeries and other eateries with surplus food to users who can pre-order it for collection before they close at up to a 90% discount. Stores make portions of surplus food available via the app, after which TGTG users can then make a purchase, obtain a digital receipt, and redeem it at the store during the designated pick-up time. The result is win-win; customers engage in preventing unnecessary landfill and enjoying quality food at an affordable price, whilst stores ensure that food ends up with customers, reduce unnecessary food waste, and turn surplus food into revenue for their business.

2. What inspired you to create this unique solution to food waste?

Here at Too Good To Go, we view food waste as not only a moral issue but also a social and environmental paradox, in other words the world’s dumbest problem. With a growing global population predicted to reach 9 billion people by 2050, there are fears as to how we are going to be able to feed all these people – yet at the same time we are throwing 1/3 of all food production away…this doesn’t quite add up to us. So here at Too Good To Go we were inspired to help raise awareness about the gravity and scale of food waste, whilst at the same time offering an immediate impact to our users.

3. What impact has the app had so far on waste?

Well, with thousands of meals being rescued we’ve had a measurable impact in significantly reducing the amount of green house gas emissions being released into our planet as a result of food being sent to landfill, combined with over a million downloads we helped raise awareness about this social, moral and environmental issue… though this is just the beginning!

4. What businesses can sign up?

We don’t discriminate at all in terms of the food businesses we work with. Currently we work with anyone from high end sushi restaurants to global catering companies to local bakeries and greengrocers. The only condition is that they want to reduce the amount of food they have to throw in the trash.

5. Can anyone use it?

Of course, well anyone with a smartphone and bank account. Originally we viewed the app from our own point of view – seeing ourselves back in our student days when we had little money, a big appetites (fed up of supermarket meal deals) and wanted to make a social impact. However, since being in operation we see the app being used more and more by families and young professionals.

6. What’s next for Too Good To Go?

What’s next: a nice holiday… we wish! In all seriousness, we aim to be synonymous with the growing food waste movement. Whilst at the same time we are continually striving to increase the number of food businesses we’re working with – rescuing as much food as possible from going to landfill. In addition, we have recently launched our partnership with Foodbanks in the North West of England where meals are provided to those in a crisis through our pay-it-forward scheme and this is definitely something we want to take nationwide.

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