Learning An Instrument Is The Best Brain-Trainer

Every other week, we’re presented with another this-will-change-your-life brain exercise – from games and apps to logic or number exercises. The allure of a younger, smarter, sharper brain even causes some of us to integrate brain training into our daily commute. So it may be a shock for many to hear that the workout we give our grey matter on the train, bus or sofa may not be quite as effective as we’ve been led to believe.

Brain-Training: Myth From Fact

In a recent open letter, a hundred influential psychologists and neuroscientists explained that the claims made by brain-training game companies about the extent of the impact of the training were “frequently exaggerated and at times misleading”. But don’t be disheartened. There is another scientifically proven way to turn yourself into the next Einstein: learning a musical instrument.

How Does Music Help?

Due to our emotional connection to music, it stimulates our brain in ways which other activities don’t. Now, combine this with the intricate process of actually playing an instrument and you’ve got a winning recipe for brain training success. The coordination of touch, hearing, and vision – along with the use of motor skills – have a long-term impact on our brains. Musicians’ brains tend to be more developed in areas which relate to the skills needed for playing their particular instrument. For example, violinists’ left hands are generally more adept at fine movements than their right.
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Knock-On Effects

Learning an instrument helps develop other skills too. When researchers tested the cognitive test scores of children who had played an instrument for three or more years, they performed better at making logical connections, pattern recognition, and vocabulary.
In another study, stroke patients were played classical music to see what effect it had on their recovery. In comparison to patients who listened to white noise and others who didn’t listen to anything, the patients who were enjoying some Beethoven did better in visual tests. Neither of these are areas which are usually associated with listening to music and musical instrument learning. You can’t argue with scientific method.

Play Your Way To Cognitive Brilliance

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