The World's First Edible Drone

After his company Ascenta was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for £12.5 million, Nigel Gifford was looking for a new project. How better to follow that success than by inventing the world’s first edible drone?

Ice-Cream Drone?

The ‘Pouncer’ from Windhorse Aerospace is a drone used to deliver emergency food rations to disaster zones with high accuracy. Usually, emergency food rations are parachuted into an area by military planes: a method which Gifford describes as “wasteful.” Instead, the Pouncer, which is still in development, will be made partially of food. Exactly which food is yet to be decided. The drone has been designed with compartments to contain food which is most appropriate for the part of the world it’s being delivered to. The remaining components of the drone which aren’t edible, will be made of wood which allows them to be used for heating and cooking. Once the drone has been dissembled, eaten and burnt, there will be very little wastage.

Quarter Pouncer

Gifford has taken his commitment to his edible drone idea to the next level and has admitted to even going as far as bending salami at his local supermarket for research! Apparently it’s one of the foods he’s considering for the wing portion of the drone.
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