Beginners’ DJ Class Ends In 3am Police Shutdown

A three hour DJ class was booked at West Bridgford’s Rushcliffe School in Nottingham, from 7-10pm on March 11th. The night took an unexpected turn, however, when 250 people turned up to make a night of it. After the scheduled session, attendees turned up in their droves, bearing glow sticks and cans of Red Stripe ready to rave – sure signs that they weren’t there to debate mixing techniques.
We have scant details on the selected playlist, but considering the rave lasted until 3 am, one can only assume that the tuition was effective. As reported by the Nottingham Post, police were called at around 2 am with the rave broken up around 3:30 am with the police ‘satisfied that no offences had been committed.’
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