The Drone That Films Underwater

Consumer drones offer increasingly impressive specs, but what good is a 4k camera, extensive range and 30+ minutes of flight when poor weather prohibits using it for half the year? Given the reliably wet climate, it’s little surprise that Quad H20 (the company behind a fleet of attractive waterproof drones) are based right here in the UK. Their collection of ‘multirotors’ are equipped to fly in rain and snow, and they claim that their latest offering, the HexH20 Pro v2, is the most powerful waterproof drone yet to hit the market.

  • Flight Time: 30 Minutes
  • Waterproof; rain-proof and snow-proof
  • Ability to film below waterline
  • 4K/HD video
  • Range: 3.5km

The HexH20 combines some of DJI’s intelligent hardware with a sealed waterproof body. Buoyancy aids add stability for when it’s floating on the water’s surface, and DJI E800 motors and quick release props make it a powerful creature when airborne.

  • Available from 31st March 2017
  • Price: £5k approx.

At over £5000, the HexH20 Pro v2 is no casual investment, but it’s reputation goes far to justify the price tag: it’s trusted by search and rescue teams worldwide, as well as by scientists and marine biologists. Check it out at If you’re sold on HexH20’s all-weather appeal, you’d better start saving. In the meantime, peer-to-peer drone rental will give you cheap access to a range of UAVs.

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