An Introduction To Urban Gardening

March has flown by and we’re thankfully heading back into warmer weather. That means, of course, that now’s the time to think about getting green-fingered once more. Many of you city-dwellers might be sceptical: ‘How am I supposed to do any gardening when I lack the space for my own stuff?’ you may ask. Well, we’ve  a few ways to channel the great outdoors into your city space (however small) without it looking all kinds of Day Of The Triffids.

1. Window Boxes

How to garden in your small apartment? Put stuff outside your apartment. Window boxes are ideal for would-be Alan Titchmarshes who, by an accident of geography, ended up in Forest Gate instead of the New Forest.
Window boxes make for easy maintenance and prevent your plants from taking up any room that you might otherwise be using. Also, in the summer, you can crank open the windows to get a stunning view of your hard work.
This article from the BBC has tonnes of useful tips to get you started with troughs and window baskets as well as flower combination suggestions. Window baskets are a surefire win as many will hook simply over the top of your window frame. Alternatively, rent a drill and hang them exactly where you want them!

2. Herbs In The House

Having herb pots around the kitchen is a great way of bringing the outdoors indoors and fooling people into thinking you’re a great cook. It’s one of the more straightforward options too: buy a few pots and herb plants and you’re pretty much there. Aspirational hipsters may also consider growing basil in broken wine bottles. House Beautiful have some fantastic tips on how to rework the kitchen herb garden too – including some nice ways to decorate your pots of choice.

3. ‘Hydroponics’

Source: Butterbin | 'Hydroponics' in action. Source: Butterbin | ‘Hydroponics’ in action.
Butterbin have lots of great examples of crafty, DIY, indoor gardening ideas – from using old plastic bottles to grow fresh salad, to creating a forest in your spare room…
Some ideas are particularly inspirational – a personal favourite is their hydroponic (soil-free) water bottle system! Butterbin has loads of great re-use and re-purpose tricks  not only to make your home healthier and full of life, but to help look after the environment around you too.

4. Living Walls

A frequent interior choice for trendy London cafes, the living wall provides a strong aesthetic. Plants growing vertically up the wall. This can be a great solution to getting a tonne of green into your home without taking up much of your precious space, and could even be used to grow fresh greens to cook with! Living Wall Art will take you through how to create one of your own and check out UZ Planters for your vertical garden needs. If you’re truly considering the living wall, check out our tool rentals page; drill hire is just what you need in order to clad your walls in foliage.
Source: Living Wall Source: Living Wall

The Great Outdoors

If you happen to be in the fortunate position of owning your own garden or outside space, then our garden tool hire could be just what you need to keep it in order. Fat Lama offers peer-to-peer strimmer hire, drill hire and leaf blower hire; more than enough to get you started! Our online tool hire options allow you to rent garden tools locally and at a reasonable price and convenient time. Your very own garden of Eden starts here.

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