Why I Use: Splittable

Splittable: The household bills management app.

House sharing is something we have all had the pleasure of enjoying but it doesn’t come without challenges! We had a chat with Splittable about how they are helping housemates stay cool and put an end to financial arguments.

How did Splittable originate?

Splittable originated when a few years ago Splittable’s co-founder and CEO Nick Katz fell out with a close friend he was living with, over an argument about their house bills spreadsheet. Katz connected with co-founder Vasanth Subramanian to build a technology solution to help people with shared household bills and end arguments around household finances.

What is Splittable for and how does it help people who share a home?

Splittable is for anyone who wants help managing their shared household bills worldwide. We currently have students, couples, young professionals and young families using Splittable in over 50 countries.
You can download Splittable for free on the App or Google play store. After downloading you can invite the people you live with to join the app and you can then add shared costs to the app. You can add any cost you may be sharing from rent payments to the cost of toilet paper/cleaning supplies. If you live in the UK, you are also able to send payments to your flatmates for free as well as use the app to set up your shared utility bills.

What cool features available on the app?

We are really proud of our utility bills solution as we are the first company to do this on mobile, and it is a free tool for tenants to use to manage their bills. You can set up your gas and/or electricity bill through Splittable. After setting it up instead of one person managing the bill and waiting for flatmates to pay them back, everyone can pay their share directly to the provider via Splittable. You will get notifications when your bill is due so you will never need to worry about missing a payment.

Do you have any interesting stories on people that have used Splittable?

Just this last week one of our householders sent us a selfie with their flatmates from the Alps after paying their utility bill on the mountain. We have also heard countless stories from couples, in particular, emphasising how helpful Splittable has been in removing financial arguments from their relationship.

What do you have for us to look forward to?

We will be integrating more service providers in the next few months so you can set up and manage every bill via Splittable. We will be integrating everything including Internet, Water and Council Tax.
Our goal is to not only end financial arguments between people in a home, but also make it so you never have to think about managing your household bills again. We want to take care of all the burden for you.
We will also be producing a variety of helpful content and resources to help renters – like this Guide to Student Bills.
If you want to try Splittable, you can download here: http://spli.tt/FatLama

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