What Your Party Playlist Says About You.

A person’s taste in music can reveal a surprising amount about the type of person they are, the activities they may enjoy doing and their likely values. Here in the Fat Lama research lab, we’ve been outlining a few striking (and not at all stereotypical) correlations between music taste and common personality traits.

Pop/Rock: Personality Traits

If you’re partial to a bit of Sheeran magic, you’re most likely a self-reflective person who’s known to be a touch introverted at times. Fans of acoustic music are free-spirited but aren’t always ones to shout about it. Politically, you sit on the left. Personally, you spend more time focussing on your inner thoughts than your appearance.
Money isn’t what motivates you; you’re more excited by seeking new experiences. You’re curious and you find joy in the little things in life. At the root of it, as much as you might deny it, you’re a bit of a romantic.

Dance: Personality Traits

If you’re into your dance, you’re probably used to the kind of blow-out nights which end up with you making friends with strangers in a greasy spoon halfway home from the club. You know the entire network of night bus routes like the back of your hand and you’re just as clued up on all the ways to disguise a hangover from your employer.
As much as you deny it, every September a small part of you wishes you were reliving your freshers experience. Your family think you’re a waster but you know better: you know the commitment, planning, grit and determination it takes to turn up to work on time after a night-shift. You’re energetic, upbeat and outgoing. You’re extremely social and may enjoy more physically active tasks than your indie-loving friends.

RnB: Personality Traits

If you’re a Beyonce fan, or an RnB lover more generally, you’re more likely to foster strong relationships with a few close friends than constantly seek to meet new people. Your perfect Friday night out is a Friday night in – just you, your gang, some Prosecco and Beyonce and/or Destiny’s Child on the stereo.
Even Adele was blown away by Beyonce’s last album, Lemonade – so much so that she broke her grammy award in two and handed half to Queen Bey herself. As fans will know, Beyonce’s music brings out one’s inner strength and inspires generations of fun, strong and independent people.

Rap: Personality Traits

If you like rap music, you’re probably one to take no prisoners. Your colleagues, friends and family think twice about picking a fight with you. You’ve a knack of winning arguments and your ambition drives you to want to make something of your life, in both your career and your relationships.
You value honesty, political integrity and transparency. You can be fiercely anti-establishment but not because you want to intimidate. You’re more Tarantino than Spielberg and when you’re not listening to Nicki, Rick Ross or Kendrick Lamar, your time is spent chasing adrenaline elsewhere.

Pop: Personality Traits

Pop music fans (Beliebers included) are generally upbeat, sociable people. You enjoy spontaneity (within limits), trying new things and meeting new people. You tend to have lots in common with others and find it easy to make friends. You care about how you’re perceived and tend to invest time in your appearance.

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  1. Very stereotypical and judgemental. Also, the R&B observation cannot be further from the truth…… I mean Rap =anti- establishment??? That’s a risky comment…..

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