Why I Use: Launch22

Who are Launch22 (and where’s the name from?)

We are a startup incubator charity that helps entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to build their startup dreams by providing them with a bedrock of support from which to grow.
Our name was originally LaunchPadLabs however after we partnered with Catch22, another major charity, which allowed us to expand and push our goals even further we changed our name to Launch22.

How does Launch22 help startups?

We help startups by providing them with the support they need to succeed. We achieve this through providing affordable coworking space, access for free to our mentoring system and our workshop events.
Our mentoring system is a key feature of what we do, as all our expert mentors are volunteers seeking to pass on their advice and support to our members.
As a charity, we also run a scholarship program that provides all that we offer free of charge to those who come from a disadvantaged background. We strongly believe in the power of the entrepreneurial lifestyle in helping get people out of poverty by creating their own businesses and through that enriching their communities.

What separates Launch22 from other incubators?

We’re a charity, not a business. Our goal isn’t to make a profit but to help get as many succeed in the startup world as possible. That means, unlike other incubators or accelerators we don’t take any shares in your company or demand to be a co-founder.
Our prices are up front and more than reasonable given how expensive London can be.
Simplicity is key for us and so we wanted to design a system that’s as easy to use as possible.

Who can become a member?

Anyone! Launch22 was founded in the belief of breaking down barriers, we want to give entrepreneurs from all walks of life the chance to succeed.
Unlike some incubators we don’t have a niche, our members are varied across all sorts of industries whether it’s a coffee shop, a skincare company or even a sports company.
Our goal is to be open for all entrepreneurs!

You’re now established in London and Liverpool, what are your plans looking ahead?

Right now we are fully focused on maintaining and improving our current offices and delivering the best start-up support possible.
Recent events with our London office, however, have made things more difficult for us as Hackney Council increased our business rates to 45%. Not only does it make it harder for us to provide the affordable and free support we give our members but it also means there are fewer startups appearing due to an archaic and anti-entrepreneurial business rates system.  We even wrote an article on the matter and how it will affect us and entrepreneurs in the country.

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