Which Drone?

Which Drone?

Working out which drone suits your needs can be challenging. Consumer drones are still relatively new, so most of us aren’t experienced buyers, and it can be difficult working out which drone has what you are looking for. What’s the length of fly time? How high can it fly? Is it capable of shooting 4K footage? Here’s our guide to help you work out which of these drones is right for your needs.

Which Drone Has The Longest Range?

The range of a drone can actually be inhibited by certain conditions, whether that be the weather, the speed the drone is flying and what obstacles and objects are in the way. Providing all these conditions are perfect, the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced/Professional can fly up to 3 miles away.

Which Drone Has The Best Camera?

For the best camera, the DJI Mavic Pro is your best bet! It films 4K footage from a stabilised auto focus camera. It’s also a great, lightweight, portable drone that folds up for easy transit! It automatically lands in the same spot it took off from, and it also responds to hand gestures. It’s commonly referred to as the ‘swiss army knife’ of camera drone.

Which Drone Is The Fastest?

If you’re looking for the fastest drone and would like it to record, then you’ll have to wait for the release of this amazing drone coming from Teal. Designed by an 18 year old quadcopter enthusiast, this one easily flies at 70+ mph, with the ability to record 4K video too! If you’re not sure if you want a camera drone or a racing machine, this would be perfect for you.

Which Drone Has The Longest Flight Time?

Flight time and battery life can be major factors for you if you’re looking to use your drone for longer periods of time without having to break for a few hours to recharge or in invest in several spare batteries. The last thing you want mid-shoot as you’re about to get the perfect shot is for your drone to need a breather because it’s been flying for 10 minutes. Two of the best contenders for the longest flight time are the Blade Chroma and the DJI Phantom 4.
The Blade Chroma is a GoPro supporting drone, so it will require you to own a GoPro, but it’s currently the top-performer in flight time, lasting up to 30 minutes. The Phantom 4 is one of the most sophisticated drones on the scene right now and that falls just short of the Blade Chroma, lasting a total of 28 minutes in the air. Close but no cigar.

Honourable Mention

For the next step in exploring which drone suits you best, be sure to check out the drones for hire on Fat Lama. Drone rental is perfect if you’re looking to play around for a weekend or if need some professional aerial footage for a project. Drone hire’s recommended to give an extra angle on your holiday memories. Drone rentals are also just a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new UAV, so if you’re looking to experience something new without breaking the bank, hire a drone!

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