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Do you spend your evenings scrolling through Instagram pictures of impossibly photogenic puppies and their glowing owners? Perhaps you’re used to falling asleep – phone in hand – dreaming of having your own canine companion, before waking up to the reality that you have neither the time, the money, nor the space for a pet of your own. You wouldn’t be alone. But that needn’t be the end of the story. Hundreds of thousands of would-be dog-owners are satisfying their canine desires by borrowing instead, on the dog-sharing platform, BorrowMyDoggy.

How It Works

First off, create a profile and search the platform for ‘matches’ based on distance and availability – this is the bit where you get to look at cute dogs. Once you’ve got a potential match, you can pass on your details, submit your annual subscription fee (£44.99 for lenders, £12.99 for borrowers) and start chatting to the other party. Finally, it’s up to you to arrange a meeting with the lender – a time for you to get to know each other and perhaps more importantly, meet the pup in question.
Source: BorrowMyDoggy Instagram Source: BorrowMyDoggy Instagram

Try Before You Buy?

Source: BorrowMyDoggy Instagram Source: BorrowMyDoggy Instagram
For many, BorrowMyDoggy is the perfect way of scoping out a particular breed before they invest in a dog that will likely be dependent on them for the next 10+ years. Those who fancy themselves as a Cocker Spaniel owner would do well to spend a weekend caring for one in order to gauge whether their stamina for pup-maintenance is up to scratch.

Rested Owners. Happy Dogs.

On the flipside, there are significant benefits for owners who want to maintain a social life and make their dog even happier. To dog-owners with demanding jobs, the thought of being tied to a weekend walking schedule and saying no to the odd weekend away is perhaps a little oppressive. With a dog-sharing platform like BorrowMyDoggy, you’re able to leave your loved one in the arms of someone you can trust without paying your week’s salary on kennel accommodation.
Source: BorrowMyDoggy Instagram Source: BorrowMyDoggy Instagram
Whether you’re a dog-owner in need of a break or you’re up for some dog-sitting Sundays, it’s worth taking a look at potential matches in your area. Another benefit of dog-sharing that you may not have considered is that it’s a fertile platform for meeting new people with similar interests. Click here to get started.
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